The Wonderful World of the Food Market

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When I left uni over ten years ago there didn’t feel much of a choice. You were pre-programmed to go for a graduate job and go work for a big company somewhere. You were going to work your arse off but they were going to pay you pretty well. The risk/reward for going out on your own in any kind of industry didn’t seem to be right. Well a world financial crisis later and all of a sudden life’s a bit too short isn’t it? Thousands of entrepreneurs are shunning the oppressiveness of corporate life to start up their dreams, and food and booze seems a popular destination.

The Tricks of Food & Wine Pairing

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I’ve got a wine tasting session coming up next Thursday night for Villa Maria wines. I’m doing it alongside the amazing Mel who runs NZ Wine Cellar in POP Brixton, one of the coolest places for a foodie to hang out in the whole of London. Our job yesterday was to wander round the different stalls and pair up the two wines we’re going to be focusing on with the food on offer. But where do you start pairing food to a particular wine?

What’s Your Favourite Whisky Moment?

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Any whisky geeks out there, before you say it, I know! It’s like being asked which is your favourite kid, or which is your least favourite football player. It’s an impossible question to answer as it changes on a daily basis. I get that, and I’m sorry for asking such a generic question. But I’ve got to start somewhere!

Coming Up This Week On Please Bring Me My Wine

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this week

This week’s more of a techy week and a foodie week than a full on wine week. I guess when you’re writing about wine in the modern world you have to be all over social media as well, and working with wine goes hand in hand with working with food. So it shouldn’t be too far off piste.

MWWC 21: Perfect Pairings to the Perfect Pairings

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I’m not skint, but I’m not exactly feeling flush either. A year after leaving gainful employment to join the wine industry and things have gone pretty well. I’m feeling a lot less like an amateur having a go, and a bit more like I know what I’m doing and what I’m talking about. Well, to an extent anyway. But as with any start up business, you don’t exactly get a shed load of money back out initially. So the belt needs tightening here and there. 

#NWTW Week 51: The Verdict on Champagne

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Did I enjoy my week of drinking Champagne? Well of course I did. It was Christmas and then New Year’s, which always puts me in a good mood. And then I was drinking Champagne. Whatever you think about the marketing fads or the price or whatever negatives you can think about it, wines from Champagne are still great to drink.

#NWTW Week 51: What To Eat With Champagne

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week 51 fish and chips

Champagne is always seen as a classic party drink. Something we all swill down over a chat and maybe, just maybe, a couple of canapés. You know, something classy like a vol-au-vent, you know? 🙂 But this is a serious food wine, and you can have a good old bit of fun with it!

#NWTW Week 48: Food Pairing with GSM

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week 48 cottage pie

This is a serious wine. It’s got so much going on that at first you’re worried that you’ll never find anything that perfectly fit, and then when you relax about that you wonder if you’ll ever narrow down the options. Well, I say worry, I’m never too worried about the amounts of food I can eat with anything!

#NWTW Week 37: What We Thought of Malbec

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Steak and red wine night and it wasn’t even my birthday!  Fantastic!  Would have been slightly better had Liverpool not put in the third abjectly terrible performance in three games an hour or so before I ate, but hey ho, can’t have it all…