Right iMovie, Yealands Is Calling!

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Every wine-o out there will no doubt heard of Yealands before. They are a big family wine estate with vineyards stretching all over the famous Marlborough district in New Zealand. I’ve been sent 5 bottles of their different Sauvignon Blancs and been asked to come up with something “arty” to promote them on International Sauvignon Blanc Day, this coming Friday, the 5th May. Arty? Have they met me?

Some Weeks Are Better Than Others

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That constant niggle of whether I’m doing the right thing by trying to ram my way into the wine industry never wants to go away. I grew up as an introverted maths geek, became a reluctant finance geek, and then a very angry young man working in an office somewhere in London. I don’t miss those days one little bit, but sometimes I’m constantly battling with myself about whether this wine thing will work out, and if I’m actually any good at it. Well, some weeks are better than others…

SnapChat – Sod It, I’m Going for It!!

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When it comes to social media one of the most important things to work out is what platform the people you’re aiming at, or talk to the most, actually use. For the past couple of years I’ve been pushing myself on Twitter, got into Instagram a few months back, and even tried my hand (slightly unsuccessfully) at YouTube and Pinterest. But something that had just passed me by was SnapChat. Horrible to admit, but I never even bothered find out what it did. Well, New Year and all that…

Be Quick!

You send pictures to groups and then have chats about the pictures. The pictures only last for a few seconds (photographers out there enjoy!) and it’s all about just bouncing chats to eachother. From what I can work out it’s a mix of Instagram and WhatsApp, but you can use filters to make yourself look like a fairy. Can’t say fairer than that, right?

Keep It In The Geeks

You think about bottle snaps that might bore the shit out of most people, but now you can just send it to a select group and have a natter in real time about where you are, what you’re up to, and what you’re drinking. It’s all about making it quicker, more punchy, less committed.

It’s Massive

It’s also used by 150 million people DAILY, of which over half of them are in the 18-35 year old demographic. This isn’t just Instagram’s cool little brother anymore, this is big and we need to get on it wine-o’s!!





I Was Listening To A Podcast This Morning…

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I got sent an email link today to this series of podcasts. The last podcasts I ever listened to were the “My Dad Wrote A Porno” series (amazingly worth it if you get a chance!), but I think this one was likely to be more…er…educational. And so it proved. It was from this bloke called Geoff Kruth who works for the Guild of Sommeliers from over in the US. I think I’ve got that right anyway. He was having a chat with UK wine guru, Jancis Robinson. It was quite good fun really.

Twitter Take Over – It’s Bordeaux Time!!

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Following on from my first live tweet up session last week with the Villa Maria guys and girls, I’m back worryingly quickly to do it all again! I’m going to do a take over of the twitter feed for the CIVB’s UK account. The CIVB are the marketing body for the wines of Bordeaux, and they’ve got a big old job on their hands! 

I’ve Done Some Checking Up On Villa Maria…

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When I got involved in the idea of doing this tweet up session I was a bit wary about selling out a bit too much. I’ve never really been involved in tastings for what I think to be brands. What kind of company are Villa Maria? Sure I’d tried their wines, and liked them and thought they did a great job in promoting kiwi wine. But what if they were big brand wine guys, like the Echo Falls of this world, intent on sticking stuff on the shelf without a care of the wines or the world they grow it in. Sounds a bit daft, but I genuinely worry about that kind of stuff.

Talking to Winemakers

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I’ve probably said this before but I’m going to say it again anyway. I didn’t get in to wine off the back of trying one glass of wine and having some “eureka” moment. My path to not just seeing wine as a means to get strawpedo-style drunk was spending time with some winemakers up in the North West hills of Italy. They work their arses off for next to no money (mostly) working ridiculous hours. But they bloody love it, and that’s completely infectious!

Tweet Up Sessions

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Next Thursday night I’ll be taking part in a big tweet up wine tasting session for Villa Maria, the New Zealand wine company. They’re launching the new vintages of their upmarket Cellar Selection range, a classic kiwi Sauvignon Blanc, and the other classic kiwi Pinot Noir. Kiwi Pinot Noir is a particular favourite of mine, so I’m really chuffed to be part of this. But what actually is a Tweet Up Session?

Getting Stuck In The Middle Of Twitter Battles

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When I started off doing the blog I’d never even touched Twitter or Instagram or anything of that before. As I mentioned yesterday I had a rather shitty profile on LinkedIn that I wasn’t doing much with, and obviously I had a Facebook account, but again rarely checked it. So getting stuck into social media in a bigger way was a bit of an ongoing learning curve.

Most of the time it’s great. You get a few great interactions with people all the way round the world that are into the same things you’re into. You get to e-meet shed loads of people and you get to be involved in the world of (in my case) wine without having to sit in a back office at an importers for 5 years first.

Occasionally though you see the dark side of it all. Last week I was dragged into a twitter hate campaign against one account. I had nothing to do with the argument, but people having a go at this account decided it’d be a great idea to add my @PBMMW to all their posts. If fact it was mine and another couple of accounts that got cc’ed in to all the diatribe. None of us had a clue what it was all about, but our names were being dragged into the argument. What can you do?

A mate of mine who runs a large social media wine thing out in Australia has had issues before. You’re meant to just stick your head down, ignore it, and hope they get bored eventually. But in this case none of it was directed at me or these other two accounts. Why should we have to sit there and ignore a load of bollocks when it’s got nothing to do with us in the first place?

Hey ho, I guess these things happen!



LinkedIn – Who’d Have Thought?

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You know it’s funny. I’m one of these that is lucky enough to have spent time with some seriously bright individuals over the past couple of years giving me some great advice. Some of it I take on board, and some I leave on the back burner. Well a mate called Sarah had been banging on at me to sort out my LinkedIn profile for ages and to start using it to promote the wine business. Well, I took my sweet time, but it’s been really useful!