Top Wine Memories of 2017 – April

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Finishing off this week’s round up of 2017 with April’s trip out to Bordeaux for the annual En Primeur tasting.  Basically you all drive around different Chateau drinking young and unfinished wine and make up a load of guff about how amazing it’ll be in a few years.  Honest to god, that’s roughly it.  I don’t get it as a system, but hey ho.  It’s still a great week to meet up with people and see what’s what in magical Bordeaux!


APRIL: Primeurs samples in Bordeaux

“I work for a Bordeaux specialist wine company, so April is always about Primeurs to one extent or another. I’m still not sure I agree with the idea of it, but everyone else does it, so sod it, let’s try make the best of it, they do serve some stunners at the lunches.

The 2016 vintage we were trying was another top vintage for Bordeaux (good job given the volume problem for 2017), but one of the better experiences was Millesima’s Primeur Panorama event, retasting the 2015 a year after barreling.

Much closer to the final product than the press-focused barrel samples straight after harvest, could this be a way forward for Bordeaux?”


Bordeaux Winemakers – Axel & Chloe

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I was recently in Bordeaux for a press trip courtesy of the Bordeaux Wines council.  A great trip focusing on the great things that are happening in Bordeaux away from the Grand Cru Classés that everyone thinks is all Bordeaux is about.  On that trip we headed up to Canon Fronsac, on Bordeaux’s right bank, to see Chloe and Axel, a girlfriend and boyfriend team rejuvenating Château Mazeris-Bellevue.  How did they get this switched on at this age?  I’ve no idea!  Wonderful pair, super talented, and neither too bad on the eye either 😉

20h33 Rocks Out Paris!

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I was gutted last week to miss out on a trip to Paris to join in the festivities with JB and the rest of the 20h33 team as they celebrated their 6th annual Soirée de degustation.  Some great guys and girls were there, and sponsored by Château Samion, Château Jean Faure, and Château Pichon Baron…doubly gutted to miss it!

Check out how they got on here by clicking here for the video…

…looking forward to starting these up in the UK from next year!

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Photos: ©B.Kulik

Video: ©Tangram Films

NEW BUYER PIECE: Why Mental Health and the Wine Industry Can Be Awkward Bed Fellows

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mental health

A couple of things happened recently that sparked me into writing something about mental health in the workplace.  I didn’t know what the reaction would be.  I didn’t even know if the editors at The Buyer would even want to publish it.  But huge thanks to them for running it, and huge thanks to everyone who’s contributed to the chat ever since.  The response has been brilliant.  Here’s my Buyer piece in all it’s glory…

Marathon Du Medoc 2017 – What Do I Wear?

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So the time is drawing nearer to 2017’s Marathon Du Medoc.  It’s a marathon run across the left bank of Bordeaux, through the vineyards, with wine tasting stations, oyster bars, and steak sandwiches throughout.  I did it last year for the first time and am well up for doing it every year for the rest of my life as long as the legs obey, it’s so much fun!

Les Guides De Something Or Other…

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After I got through my latest set of Diploma exams last week it was time to get my head back on 20h33. JB’s been working hard on a brand new website, with bells and whistles all over the place, for the past few months. It’s looking amazing, and am really looking forward to getting it working for the UK. But before all that I’ve got a shed load of inputs to find and translate first. But it’s ok, I’ve got this French lark….”je m’appelle” and all that!

Choosing Some Everyday Bordeaux

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I got an email a few weeks back from a fella called Richard Bampfield. He’s an MW and a bit of UK boff when it comes to the wines of Bordeaux, so he’s someone I take a keen interest in following given my Bordeaux connection with 20h33. So when all of a sudden he was inviting me to come and taste through a range of Bordeaux wines, and then rate them on behalf of the Bordeaux Wines UK it was a bit of a humbling thing. Someone like that ask you to do that? That’s pretty damn cool.