What’s Your Favourite Whisky Moment?


Any whisky geeks out there, before you say it, I know! It’s like being asked which is your favourite kid, or which is your least favourite football player. It’s an impossible question to answer as it changes on a daily basis. I get that, and I’m sorry for asking such a generic question. But I’ve got to start somewhere!

Melting My Brain

The choice of whiskies in the world is scary. Good scary, don’t get me wrong, but scary none the less. If I’m going to follow the sage advice of the whisky bloggers I met recently, I’ve got to just get drinking. So I’m begging for your help here guys and girls. I need some commercially available whiskies that can form the basis of my education 🙂

When To Drink It

I think the other thing is the setting. I’m a wine guy, and probably always will be. For me, it’s all about getting together with mates and opening some bottles. It’s a drink for dinner, for aperitifs, and for celebrating. But what about whisky? In my head I’ve got it as a quiet man’s tipple. I’ve got images of cigars and fireplaces in my head. But that can’t be it, right? When’s your whisky time?

What To Eat With It

As I said wine is all about dinner for me. I rarely drink without food these days. Probably the reason I need to jog 10kms a day to stop being a completely fat bastard! But with whisky I’m a bit stumped. Assuming smoked meats and cheeses maybe? What should I be serving up with the different whisky styles?

Please feel free to just reply and let me know. I need the guidance!!



QUESTION: Well it’s in the blog: What, where, and when is whisky time?



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