NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO: Top Picks From Lidl

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Lidl UK had a new set of wines ready for us to taste yesterday in Central London.  The mostly French-themed selection make up the bulk of what will be on the shelves for the Autumn and Winter in supermarkets across the country.  Here’s my take on the top three whites and top three reds to keep an eye out for…and a cheeky rosé just for good measure! 😉

Did You Know Blowers Has His Own Wine?

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Unless you’re into cricket, you won’t know who Blowers is. Henry Calthorpe Blofeld is arguably the most famous cricket commentator in the UK, and is famed for his very eloquent, Old Etonian style of taking us through the summer’s cricket for Test Match Special, an absolute institution on British radio. In fact I’ve just been listening to it this morning and heard Michael Vaughn and Jonathan Agnew talking about last night’s knees up round Blowers’ place, and nailing back his own label wine. How have I not tried Blowers’ wine?

Can The Germans Knock Pinot Grigio Off Its Perch?

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Jens Windisch, top winemaker, accident prone snowboarder!

Bog standard Pinot Grigio. It’s cheap, refreshing, inoffensive, and…did I mention cheap? It’s boring for UK wine drinkers and it’s bad for proper Pinot Grigio producers. Infact it’s only really good for the organized crime who produce it in bulk and ship it over. Not sure I’m meant to say that out loud?! Well, I was down at the Wines of Germany tasting this week, and maybe they’ve got something up their sleeve that can help out.


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Jura’s not a wine region of France that I’d expect many (non-wine-geek) people of heard of, let alone know much about their wines. It’s pretty small, at only about half the size of Chablis in Burgundy. But with 5 different grape varieties producing in excess of 25 genuinely distinct styles of wine, it’s definitely one that will surprise you. 


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It’s tough enough these days if you’ve got an established “brand” on the wine shelves of the world. Everyone’s got their struggles. The Chileans are trying to get everyone to trade up, the Argentinians are trying to say they’ve got more than just Malbec, even the French are trying to reinvent most of the famous regions to the new audiences. So if you’re barely on the wine map (so to speak), then do you really stand a chance? If you’re Cyprus you do!


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Personally, before Monday morning, I hadn’t. I’m assuming most of you out there are in the same boat. I mean, short of going Cyprus for your holidays, why would you have? It’s not like the corner shop’s full to the brim of them is it? So why is there a point in even writing anything about them?

Let’s Take This Malbec Up A Notch!

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It’s not everyday you bump into the best young winemaker in Argentina. It’s not everyday you can say that and it actually be true either. But when my mate, Louise, took me to meet the very cool German Berra of Finca Flichman at the recent London Wine Fair, it was fair enough. He’d been voted the top boy in Argentina the year before, and as much as I’m sometimes a bit dubious about these titles, I’ll let him off, I reckon he deserves this one!

Coming Up This Week On Please Bring Me My Wine

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Given that I’ve had my head down the last few weeks doing Jury Service, I haven’t had the time or mental energy to do anything other than help deliver the Queen’s justice! So here’s me thinking about what I’m going to write about this week…

Great Piemontese Wine Giveaway – Rivetto

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For the next four weeks of the posts on the Great Piemontese Wine Giveaway I’m going to be dedicating a blog to each of the four (exceptionally kind) producer that have volunteered to be part of this and have each donated 3 bottles of their great wines to fill up the Lazenne Winecheck for the big prize. First up it’s the man, the myth, and the growing legend that is Enrico Rivetto