The Wonderful World of the Food Market


When I left uni over ten years ago there didn’t feel much of a choice. You were pre-programmed to go for a graduate job and go work for a big company somewhere. You were going to work your arse off but they were going to pay you pretty well. The risk/reward for going out on your own in any kind of industry didn’t seem to be right. Well a world financial crisis later and all of a sudden life’s a bit too short isn’t it? Thousands of entrepreneurs are shunning the oppressiveness of corporate life to start up their dreams, and food and booze seems a popular destination.

Farmers Markets

They’re everywhere aren’t they? All over cities the fruit and veg gurus are setting up at weekends and the high-end burger guys are frying away to keep you sorted at lunchtime. I used to love it when they rocked into Broadgate Circle every Wednesday that stopped me having to end up with ANOTHER soup and sandwich from the factories.


Fair enough, you’re not going to be able to buy your freshly made chicken tikka wrap for the same price as McDonald’s cheeseburger are you? When I see people walking round the markets scoffing at the prices I can see it from both sides. If money’s tight then yeah, of course you’re not going to want to splash out £6 on a pancake. But if you do have the spare cash, then I think spending it on supporting someone’s dream, or buying better food from better ingredients isn’t a bad way to go, surely?!

Finding Somewhere To Set Up

I’ve been doing all kinds of markets and little events over the past year to help promote 20h33, my Bordeaux wine company. I’ll not lie, I feel like I spend my life packing and unpacking my car with tressel tables, sandwich boards, and cases of wine. What I aspire to have is something like what the boys and girls at POP Brixton have. They rent space in old sea cargo containers and that’s all they need. It’s got edge, it looks cool, and (most importantly) it’s fully stocked.

Easy Way To Turn Your Event Up A Notch

All this said, it’s one of the reasons we wanted to make sure that this Tweet Up we’re doing for Villa Maria on Thursday night incorporated the foodies that surround the New Zealand Cellar. We’ll be looking forward to new vintages of Villa Maria’s Cellar Selections, chatting with the winemaker in New Zealand, and tucking into some top grub.

Join us on twitter from 7pm (GMT) on Thursday 1st December.




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