Castell D’Age, A Hashtaggers Dream Winery!

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Organic? Biodynamic? Women in wine? Castell D’Age, from Penedes in Catalunya, must be right up there as a hashtagger’s dream winery. I met this brilliant team when they were attending the Millsime Bio Organic Wine Fair in Montpellier late in January 2018. Top wines, top people, and the story to boot. I couldn’t not do a quick blog, could I?

How We All Feeling About This Blue Wine Thing?

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There’s been quite a bit of back and forth in the UK wine pres over the past few days, followed up by a lot on social media too, about blue wine. Yep, you read that right, blue wine! A group of young entrepreneurs from Spain have developed this drink and if the press are to be believed it’s gone down so well in Spain that it’s about to spread its wings and hit the bars of the UK. But how we all feeling about blue wine?

Getting Time To Get Your Brosé On

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So the marketing guys and girls have come out with this term “Brosé”. It’s where rosé wines are starting to get guzzled by blokes as well as lasses.   More power to it I reckon, I’m a rosé lover and proud! But why is it something that people still feel like they need to hush up? Why do my mates give me a right old barracking if I ever pick some of the pink?

Coming Up This Week On Please Bring Me My Wine…

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19th Oct 2015

As I mentioned last week, there’s been plenty of net research, book reading, and general back ache from sitting down infront of the computer too much this week. It’s been all about my gin project for my next WSET exam. And guess what? I haven’t finished it!! I know, crap isn’t it?!

What’s The Plan For November?

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I’ve been invited along to a conference in Barcelona by Timmer of Catalunya Wines. Now, I can’t really talk about it too much, as Timmer’s got his James Bond “top secret” head on. Fair enough I guess as it’s invitation only. But here’s the teaser video he’s put together to wet your appetites…

Party Like It’s 2015!

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2015 is lining up to be a great year to be born in. If your mum and dad are so inclined as to buy a nice bottle of wine to have with you on your 18th, or your wedding day, or whatever, you could be in for a treat. That cast, for me, will include at least one nephew and another “bump” due before year end!

Blast From The Past – Culinary Backstreets Tour in Barcelona!

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Barcelona Culinary Tour

I was sat here earlier flicking through some old photos and doing a bit of editing of stuff I haven’t got round to. I came across a load from a trip to Barcelona from 2014 with the wife and our mates Miles and Laura. Just going through the photos brought back some great memories, so I thought “sod it!”, here comes another post!

Architecture Porn and Nature at it’s Best

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Everytime I get the chance to go off on some wine travels, I try and grab it with both hands. It’s not just that the weather is invariably better in, say, the South West of France than in London, or that the wine and food is fantastic. I’m also a complete tourist when it comes to the scenery and the architecture, it’s just absolutely amazing round those places!