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There are certain people you meet in life that just impress you.  When two of them are married to eachother then you’re pretty sure they’ll have achieved something pretty special over the years. That’s definitely true of Roger and Sue Jones, and last week I was lucky enough to be there as they celebrated 20 years of their Michelin Star restaurant, The Harrow at Little Bedwyn, with friends and family.  And there were some mighty wines to help us on the way…

My Top Ways To Spend A Summer

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Hanging out with my new mate Pru the eagle owl at Glenmorangie House

Got asked a few weeks back by the chief himself, Richard Siddle of The Buyer, to answer a few questions on what I like to get up to in the summer.

Well we’ve only got a couple of weeks left of it, so let’s get this one out there.

We’ve got DIY, Red Dwarf, and looking forward to Liverpool’s season this year…

…and I’m only joking about the kidnapping.

Is This One Of The Worst Injuries For A Wine-o?

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I remember years ago, before the 2002 World Cup, David Beckham breaking a metatarsal bone in his foot.  It made headline news for weeks to see if England’s star player would make the biggest tournament in football.  It’s not exactly ideal if your foot’s out of action as a footballer.  Same thing when mates of mine break their fingers and hands playing rugby.  Not ideal. And it’s struck me in recent days that the same is true when you’re foodie and wine-o and your mouth decides to rebel!

What Are The Top Travel Destinations For Wine Lovers?

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So we made it Friday again, eh?  As everyone’s thoughts turn to the weekend and what we’ll be getting up to, no doubt some of you will be off on a couple of trips with wine high in the agenda, as it bloody should be.  So what the not-to-be-missed wine-o destinations?

Stunning Place For A Wine Festival

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A lifetime or so ago, when I was living up in Edinburgh and studying for my postgrad, I came across Norway for the first time.  We had two on the course, one of who introduced me to my Norwegian wife, tussen takk for det, Anders!  The other lad, Gisle, was from far up north, in near as damn it the artic circle.  He moved around a bit, from London to New York, working on various financial doings, before heading back home to start a family and, he’s just told me, a wine festival.  He kept that one quiet!!

Lofoten VinFestival is running on the small island of Henningsvær the weekend of the 21stand 22ndof September, promising wine, food, and music from both abroad and close to home.


Is the future of internet wine buying?

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At the recent London Wine Fair, in the Innovations Zone, I met the team from, a new online wine club that claims to be trying to drag the wine world kicking and screaming into the 21stcentury.  Definitely not a bad thing I think we can all agree.  So what are they planning and how does it all work?

Meeting the Brilliant Olivier Dauga

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A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to get to host an evening with Olivier Dauga (consultant winemaker in France) at my new restaurant, La Ferme, in Primrose Hill.

Before the great and the good of British bloggers and journalists descended, Olivier asked to borrow me for a quick video…needless to say I didn’t expect to go where it did…

WARNING – It’s in french.  Well…Oilvier’s bit is in french, mine’s in shit french 🙂

Slick Service Makes The Difference

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Berry Brothers and Rudd are the oldest wine merchant in the UK.  Based out of St James’s in London’s trendy Mayfair area, this is where they’ve been operating in one guise or another since 1698.  When I was coming through in the banking world all those years ago, all the senior lads and lasses had Berry Brothers accounts. It’s almost a right of passage for fine wine buyers in London and the wider UK.  Last week I made my first purchase from there, and it was pretty bloody impressive.


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A couple of weeks back I had the amazing luck to be invited to the launch of Sir Ian “Beefy” Botham’s new range of wines.  Made in conjunction with Paul Schaafsma and his team at Benchmark Drinks, Sir Ian is in this gig for the long haul.  Known as a cricketing hero and all round charity fundraising juggernaut, wine’s been a passion of his for decades, and that smile on his face just tells you what it means to him.