Meeting the Brilliant Olivier Dauga

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A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to get to host an evening with Olivier Dauga (consultant winemaker in France) at my new restaurant, La Ferme, in Primrose Hill.

Before the great and the good of British bloggers and journalists descended, Olivier asked to borrow me for a quick video…needless to say I didn’t expect to go where it did…

WARNING – It’s in french.  Well…Oilvier’s bit is in french, mine’s in shit french 🙂

Bubbles Videos For Christmas – Part 2

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In Part 2, Amelia and I explore that “special relationship” those two berks Tony Blair and George Bush kept banging on about, by having a look at English and American fizz options for Christmas.  We’ve got the super fresh Exton Park Brut, and the sublime Domaine Carneros Classic Cuvée…enjoy!

NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO: A Sit Down With Armelle From Crus Bourgeois

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A few weeks back I headed down to the Crus Bourgeois tasting in London’s glamorous Pall Mall area to taste my way through some of the best value wines Bordeaux has to offer.  Whilst there I managed to grab five minutes with Armelle Cruse, VP of the Crus Bourgeois, and asked her a little bit about who they were and what their plans are.  Really nice lady, do check this out…

NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO: A Quickie With Jean-Marc Lallier-Deutz

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Last week I got the chance to head out to Champagne on the train and visit Champagne Deutz.  Amongst the fine bubbles, great food, and wonderful setting, I managed to find time to have a chat with Jean-Marc Lallier-Deutz, the great great grandson of the founder William Deutz.  Check out the video below and see how he feels about working in Champagne, and who he’d love to share a glass of bubbles with…santé Jean-Marc!

NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO: A Quickie with Matt Stafford

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Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 17.07.54

Was really lucky to sneak in a quick chat with Matt Stafford when he was over in London recently.  Between trips round all the top wine sellers in the UK he managed to spare 5 minutes for me to take about what it’s like to be a winemaker at the brilliant Craggy Range vineyard in New Zealand…

NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO: Top Picks From Lidl

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Lidl UK had a new set of wines ready for us to taste yesterday in Central London.  The mostly French-themed selection make up the bulk of what will be on the shelves for the Autumn and Winter in supermarkets across the country.  Here’s my take on the top three whites and top three reds to keep an eye out for…and a cheeky rosé just for good measure! 😉

It’s #SauvBlanc Day Tomorrow, What You Drinking?

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I’m not normally one for these “grape days”. Every other bloody day it’s something like Barbera Day or Pinot Gris Week or something daft like that. And you only ever hear about it the day it’s happening anyway. What use is that? Well not this week boys and girls!!

Coming Up This Week On Please Bring Me My Wine

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If anything, I’m not sure why I’m bothering with a “Coming Up On…” post today. If it’s anything like last week then it’ll be out of the window by Wednesday regardless. A mixture of Jury Service, trying to get two start-up companies off the ground, market trading, chasing up logistics companies…well, you get the point. My routine has been seriously messed up!

Less What I Want To Do, More What I NEED To Do In 2016!

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new year

Most people get to the start of a New Year and think about all these resolutions they could have a go at. Heading down to the gym, eating better, stop smoking, and all the usual stuff like that. Well I was having a think myself and realized that rather than stuff that I’d like to change, there are certain things that I genuinely need to achieve, otherwise this little jaunt of mine (following my dream and joining the wine industry) might need a rethink.

A Slightly Less Chubby Wine-O

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Fat Wine-O

When I was away in Italy over the summer I saw a Facebook update from a mate of mine. I used to work with him at the bank, where we spent the days sat there getting fed up with ourselves and getting fat. He left, went back to Porto, got back into football and I can’t tell you how well he’s done. His job is immense, but also he’s sorted himself out physically and this picture he posted had him looking like Charles Atlas! So I was thinking I should be having a go myself.