Top Wine Memories of 2017 – April

Finishing off this week’s round up of 2017 with April’s trip out to Bordeaux for the annual En Primeur tasting.  Basically you all drive around different Chateau drinking young and unfinished wine and make up a load of guff about how amazing it’ll be in a few years.  Honest to god, that’s roughly it.  I don’t get it as a system, but hey ho.  It’s still a great week to meet up with people and see what’s what in magical Bordeaux!


APRIL: Primeurs samples in Bordeaux

“I work for a Bordeaux specialist wine company, so April is always about Primeurs to one extent or another. I’m still not sure I agree with the idea of it, but everyone else does it, so sod it, let’s try make the best of it, they do serve some stunners at the lunches.

The 2016 vintage we were trying was another top vintage for Bordeaux (good job given the volume problem for 2017), but one of the better experiences was Millesima’s Primeur Panorama event, retasting the 2015 a year after barreling.

Much closer to the final product than the press-focused barrel samples straight after harvest, could this be a way forward for Bordeaux?”


8 thoughts on “Top Wine Memories of 2017 – April”

  1. I should comment because I think you are a fake!!! How in the world after having so much wine are you gonna have any memories…..shit, maybe it’s me that the wine got to my head, either ways
    love ya my man, still have no idea why you read me, and I really don’t care, but I actually admire you
    since you are a “entrepenour” I think I spelled that wrong, who cares, by the way send me a bottle.

    1. Hey bud, you know why? It’s because for very different reasons, you and me are both a bit messed up in the head, and we’ve got to look after each other, I love how what you do is your vehicle to get it all out, keep it going!!

      1. Writing I think……. I think, is my thing. I’m still fascinated as why you read me.
        Now, hummmm…. lets go to the point, you sell me a bottle of wine that they give you for free and I’ll dupicate that bottle for money and so honey. liIt could be a good business investment.
        And,to be a bit serious, I actually used one of your post to write a short story, anyways you seem like a good man, specially if you are reading my shit. good man and smart man plus a enterpreniour (I know I wrote that wrong) and you type of people have guts, to say the least

      2. Glad you winked in that yellow face,since it seems that when I wrote the message I probably had some one or two bottles of wine…….so you are to blame! By the way, I got now a solution for my money problems, you sneek under the bed and leave the wines, then I sell them and you get…….well, you can do it for humanitarian reasons

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