That time of year has rushed around again, it’s time for the 2020 winners of the People’s Choice Wine Awards to be announced.  The “People” have spoken and the awards are getting dished out this coming Monday night, 3rd FEBRUARY 2020, at Manchester’s Comedy Store in Deansgate, and here’s how you can attend…

People’s Choice Wine Awards

The Peoples Choice Wine Awards (PCWA) was started by the brilliant Janet Harrison, one of Manchester’s top wine pros, in 2017.  The idea was to give wine consumers the chance to vote on which wines out there on the shelves that they believed deserved the kudos.

PCWA Judging Panel for 2020
The final round judging panel…you can just see my quiff at the back!

The Judging Panel

The judging panels are made up of a mixture of keen wine drinkers and a smattering of wine pros (including yours truly!).  They’re then asked to judge on a range of categories that are a bit more…er…applicable to wine aisle browsing public.  You’ve got categories from “Girls Night In” to “War of the Rosés”.  There’s about 25 or so I think, but all hopefully making a bit more sense to the 99% of wine drinkers who don’t have a Decanter subscription!

We did the prelim rounds end of 2019, and the awards night, revealing the winners, is coming up on Monday 3rdFebruary 2020.  From Aldi to Waitrose, from The Wine Society to Majestic, they’re all in it to win it!

The Award Hosts

The event kicks off at 6.30pm and is being hosted by up and coming UK wine royalty Amelia Singer and arguably the most famous wine-o north of the Watford Gap, Kate Goodman (both pictured below).  There are rumours abound of a special guest star making his (or her!) way up to present a special award on the night too.  So plenty of fun to be had with some extremely talented wine professionals.

PCWA Host, Amelia Singer
Amelia Singer
PCWA Host, Kate Goodman
Kate Goodman
Guest Presenter…it’s not me!

Tickets On Sale Now

They cost £65 a throw, including a few nice glasses of award winning wines from 6.30pm til late, and a bite to eat in the middle.  Head on over to the PCWA website for tickets by clicking the button below, pick up a ticket or two, and I’ll see you down there!

All the best boys and girls


Subscribers to Please Bring Me My Wine can get 15% using the code ‘WINEFRIENDS’

P.S. I think Decanter is ace by the way 😉



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