Soaking it up from one of the best palates in the business


I only really started being more serious about wine three or four years ago.  I didn’t grow up with lots of wine in the house either.  I’m also more of a blogger/experience person than a full on wine journo or professional taster.  Effectively I’m just making plenty of excuses here as to why my palate is nowhere near as tuned to tasting different wines as I‘d like it to be.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s getting better, but maybe not fast enough to sit my final exam for my WSET Diploma that’s coming up on the horizon when my brain wants to let me.  So when I found out the brilliant Anne McHale MW was running tasting workshops for people looking to improve their technique then it was an absolute no-brainer.


20h33 Rocks Out Paris!

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I was gutted last week to miss out on a trip to Paris to join in the festivities with JB and the rest of the 20h33 team as they celebrated their 6th annual Soirée de degustation.  Some great guys and girls were there, and sponsored by Château Samion, Château Jean Faure, and Château Pichon Baron…doubly gutted to miss it!

Check out how they got on here by clicking here for the video…

…looking forward to starting these up in the UK from next year!

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Video: ©Tangram Films

There’s No Such Thing As A Stupid Question…Or Is There?!

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I have this phrase that got told to me when I started my working life. There’s no such thing as a stupid question, unless you ask it twice. I’ve had that in my head for years since, and use it to this day when I’m running wine tastings or tours or whatever. And I stand by it. I want the questions to keep coming. But this week on a press trip to Languedoc, one of the participants at a tasting we were attending did their best at challenging that premise.


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I noticed the other day on Twitter that the RSBC were running this thing called a WineFold challenge to help raise money and awareness for the cause.  The RSBC is the Royal Society for Blind Children, and they’re using wine tasting parties to get everyone raising money and awareness for kids who are born blind or partially sighted, and helping them to live as normal lives as possible.  A wonderful charity that myself and Amelia were only too happy to help with these videos.  So here’s Part One, as we trust Pete to stick our blindfolds on!!


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Only half the world will ever understand the crippling effect of Man Flu. It just takes you down, from that peak of physical fitness that us fellas live our lives with, down to sniveling wrecks unable to drag ourselves out of bed. Sadly there are only two known cures, regular moaning your arse off and unrequited sympathy from your better half. But what if it strikes when your days revolve around sticking your beak into glasses of wine and having a natter about them?

Shine A Light

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A mate of mine, who lives out in Germany, got in touch the other week to ask if I’d have a look at a new product his company are involved with. It’s a thing called a Wine OLED and it’s for checking the colour and see-through-ness of a glass of wine. I’ll be honest, my initial reaction was a bit on the skeptical side, but surely people wouldn’t have spent time and energy on this thing if it didn’t do a job, right?