Marathon Du Medoc 2017 – What Do I Wear?

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So the time is drawing nearer to 2017’s Marathon Du Medoc.  It’s a marathon run across the left bank of Bordeaux, through the vineyards, with wine tasting stations, oyster bars, and steak sandwiches throughout.  I did it last year for the first time and am well up for doing it every year for the rest of my life as long as the legs obey, it’s so much fun!

Sore Legs, Happy Bellies, The Marathon Du Medoc Lives Up To The Hype!

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It’s ok boys and girls, I can walk again now. After the complete body shock of finishing my first ever marathon I think I’m nearly there. As much as both myself and JB trained hard before we did it, you can’t really train for the idea of running 42kms, having the opportunity to taste over 20 wines, eat oysters and foie gras, and do all this in ridiculous warm fancy dress outfits in 35 degree heat. But what a weekend, eh?!

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I’m in training at the minute to run the Marathon du Médoc. It’s a full marathon, so 42km, through the vineyards of the Médoc in Bordeaux. Slight twist is that it’s a wine marathon, with different châteaux along the route opening their doors to the runners to try their wines en route. They also kindly stick on food to keep you sustained on the way round, although foie gras and oysters isn’t what your typical top athlete boosts themselves with I guess!

Marathon Training With A Difference

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I’m one of those people that needs a challenge set otherwise will power alone sometimes falls a bit short. And never more so than with my exercising. I’ve struggled a bit since the turn of the year getting myself back to the gym and been feeling a bit shit as a result. It’s the most forgotten thing about exercise, the serotonin boost you get the otherside of it. Also being able to see my…toes is nice! So I’ve finally done something about it.