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This year’s Marathon du Médoc has now been and gone.  In all fairness I was shitting myself about doing it as I knew I hadn’t trained anywhere near enough to get a good time.  But that didn’t mean I couldn’t have a good time, did it?  Although having seen the fancy dress we were up to this year, these big yellow duck outfits, I thought I might just boil before I’d passed the start line.

The day leading up to it was great with them.  We popped the heads on for the drive through Bordeaux to pick up team mates form the station before the 20h33 Combi slogged it’s way up the D2 to Pichon Baron, who once again had kindly allowed us to join onto their team.  Passers-by couldn’t work out if we were marathon runners or bank robbers, but luckily the authorities thought it was funny and let us head on our way.

Now rather unfortunately race day was a hot one.  Even on the start line at 9.30 I could feel the sweat starting to trickle, how long would this body suit actually last?  The answer was not long, as we ditched them about 5kms in at Pichon Lalande.  The heads survived a little longer until they went about 30kms in and soaked with red wine from some of the 17 wine stops that myself and team mate Elly managed.  Oh, and a beer, mustn’t forget the beer!

Despite the heat, the ensuing sunburn, and the current outlay on aftersun balm, it was once again a brilliant weekend.  The best that Bordeaux has to offer all year.  It’s a fact!




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