My Top Ways To Spend A Summer

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Hanging out with my new mate Pru the eagle owl at Glenmorangie House

Got asked a few weeks back by the chief himself, Richard Siddle of The Buyer, to answer a few questions on what I like to get up to in the summer.

Well we’ve only got a couple of weeks left of it, so let’s get this one out there.

We’ve got DIY, Red Dwarf, and looking forward to Liverpool’s season this year…

…and I’m only joking about the kidnapping.

Getting Into The Wine Industry #3: Doing it all yourself!



From someone who came from a big corporate business, it’s a big shock to the system to all of a sudden be working in a company of 2 people. I guess this is less of a thing about the wine industry, and more about working for a start up. There is quick literally never a day where you achieve all you want to!

Not Sure We Should Be Doing This In August…Part Four

DIY, Italy


First and foremost I guess the elephant in the room here is that it’s not August anymore!  I know that, but what with travelling home, doing a mountain of admin to get up to speed now I’m back, and 101 other things, I’ve only just got round to writing this.

This is going to be more of a summary blog I guess. I’m back home in sunny (read cloudy) Camden Town, and have left that disgusting weather (read 35 degrees and not a cloud in the sky) back in Northern Italy.  It’s quite nice to write this and look back at everything we did.

Not Sure We Should Be Doing This In August….Part Two

DIY, Italy

slope pre work

Firstly, really sorry for the lateness of this post.  We’ve had a few wi-fi related nightmares this past week.  Thunderstorms really do come crashing down the Aosta valley and something’s knocked out our 3G.  Best we can get is dial up (remember that?) which is just bloody painful!  So here I am sat in Bar Italia (natch!) in the local village, the only place with wi-fi for 10 miles around.

We’ve been carrying on regardless over here for the last few days. The weather’s been a bit up and down. It’s hot everyday, but swapping between being overcast and muggy to cloudless sunshine.

Not Sure We Should Be Doing This In August….Part One

DIY, Italy

The Pool

This is usually the point of the week where I’d be giving my verdict on the week’s New Wine This Week. This week being Vinho Verde. But I’m a bit stuck really. I’ve taken the missus for a bit of R&R to my parents place in Piemonte in Northern Italy, where we’re going to be staying til the start of September. Doesn’t sound bad does it, but it does bugger up New Wine This Week for a bit…