My Top Ways To Spend A Summer

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Hanging out with my new mate Pru the eagle owl at Glenmorangie House

Got asked a few weeks back by the chief himself, Richard Siddle of The Buyer, to answer a few questions on what I like to get up to in the summer.

Well we’ve only got a couple of weeks left of it, so let’s get this one out there.

We’ve got DIY, Red Dwarf, and looking forward to Liverpool’s season this year…

…and I’m only joking about the kidnapping.


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2 thoughts on “My Top Ways To Spend A Summer”

  1. Jesús Christ, and I thought I was the weird one……. ¨Hey lets get a summer vacation with a vampire or whatever is that freaky thing¨
    Hey, by the way you are a hadsome man, if I fancy that thing I even might and marry you…..I think is the wine working on my head….. your fault, and now that I think about it nobody is bringing my wine to me, I have to go and stand for an eternity in the supermarket cool cue,
    and ….wait.

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