The Kids Are Alright


My first love in wine is always Piemonte. It’s where, about 15 years ago, I first stood in a vineyard and thought; “this is a bit of alright, isn’t it?” Over the years I’ve made my way through countless bottles of Barbera, Dolcetto, and Arneis, even the occasional Barolo or Barbaresco when the wallet stretched that far!

But a serious lack of organized marketing left some talented winemakers alone in facing the ugly world of exporting from Italy. That’s why I was so chuffed to hear about “Le Cantine Dei Bambini”.

I was over visiting our friends, the Doglias, towards the back of the summer. We met them years ago, when dad Bruno was officially running the show, with son Gianni the up and coming winemaker. Gianni is now the name above the door with sister, Paola, as marketing and communications director.

They’ve joined Le Cantine Dei Bambini. It’s all about these family run wineries from across Piemonte getting together for events and promoting the family ethics through the generations, including the kids playing their way around the vineyards.  What a great place to grow up!!!

The four wineries are:

Demarie                                             Vezza D’Alba

Josetta Saffirio                                   Monforte D’Alba

Gianni Doglia                                    Castagnole Delle Lanze

Rizzi                                                    Trieso


If you’re knocking around this region, you could do a lot worse that enjoy the welcome these guys and girls can offer. And the wines are pretty damn good too!




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