Filling In The Blanks With "Australian Wine Discovered"


I still think the best way to learn about wine and wine regions around the world is to save up your pennies and head on out there.  If you spend a couple of weeks in the vines in amongst the winemakers and farmers, with the wine, the food, the scenery, the weather…well, it all kind of falls into place.

Should parents let their kids have a go at wine?



There’s been a few bits and pieces in the UK press recently about parents allowing their kids to drink alcohol with them at an earlier age than 18. It’s obviously sparked a huge of a reaction from bodies like the Good Parenting Guides all the way to Alcohol Concern. But is the backlash all a bit over the top? 

Trying to finish off the WSET programme

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Last few weeks I’ve been trying to kick myself up the proverbial arse to get reading my WSET (wine exams) books again. I’m only half way through the 2 year Diploma programme. Most people I did year one with have already started, if not finished it, taking their 6th and final exam a couple of weeks back. For a couple of reasons I didn’t do it with them, so the onus is on me to get online and sign up to finish it all off as soon as I can. But it’s not as easy as all that!

Remystifying The Demystified

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I saw an interesting article yesterday written by one of the UK’s most respected wine writers. Victoria Moore was writing in the Telegraph about whether it’s really a good thing we’ve got all these writers and bloggers trying to demystify wine. Is half (if not most of) the fun of it that it’s actually full of mystery and there’s always something new to be discovered?

WSET Diploma – Half Way Through!

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WSET logo

So me and my class mates from the WSET Diploma Year 1 are just getting our final year one marks back. There are six units in the whole 2 year program, and you do units 1, 2, and 6 in the first year. I nailed 2, I scraped through 6, and it looks like I’ve done pretty well in 1. I will take that all day long! So it’s time to start thinking about year 2…

Coming Up This Week On Please Bring Me My Wine

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week ahead

I know, funny day for the week to start isn’t it? Well given that I work all weekend I thought it might be a good idea to take at least one day off a week to stop myself from going completely nuts. Tuesdays it is, so Wednesday is my new Monday. Hope it’s not going to mess anyone up!

This week it’s all going to be about my first session with a market stall at the Primrose Market. The ups and downs over the day were a massive learning experience. I’ll let you know how I got on.

I’m also in the process of finalising some business plans for a couple of projects in 2016. My first fully fledged business plans at that. All fun and games and once again, everyday is a school day. I’ll be chatting about how crash courses in accountancy and bottles of wine go pretty well together.

I also had a couple of occasions last week where I had to put up with a couple of wine Know-It-Alls. I’ll be talking about the usual guff that people come out with and how I manage to let it go…eventually.

I’ll finish off with a post about my final semester of the WSET Diploma. What am I looking forward to and what the road blocks are at the minute.

Hope you all have great weeks



My First Wine Book Review!

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SW's book

Most of my family love their books. They’ve always got one on the go, in fact my mum is part of one of those reading clubs which, from what I can work out, is effectively a drinking club with a bad reading habit. But me though? Yeah kind of just passed me by really. I managed to get through A-Level History without actually reading a book, just didn’t see a need. Not when there were drums to be played instead!

Getting The Tough Questions At Tasting Sessions

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Last week I ran a wine tasting for a group of guys and girls that were out on a works-do. One of them team building thingies. To me I think you’re struggling to do better in terms of team building than having a wine tasting. Ok the alcohol helps to open everyone up, but it’s also something that (with a gentle nudge) people actually like talking about.

This Week On Please Bring Me My Wine…

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Sept 21st

Unfortunately the first half of last week got a bit scuppered by my rather annoying illness that every now and again rears its ugly head. I was gutted to have to call in sick and miss the Wine Australia Blind Tasting night which sounded fantastic. But I still managed to gear up into the rest of the week.

Coming Up This Week On Please Bring Me My Wine

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Monday 14th

Last week marked my first full week back in Blighty after the summer shenanigans across France and Italy. For those who follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen that the week was chock full of admin and accounting. Being the complete geek that I am, I love to get stuff done like that. As much as I’m nursing a ridiculous amount of paper cuts, it was a good job done. But I still managed to get some good stuff done.