Not to be one always looking back, whenever I start a new year I try and think about all the great times of last year and it helps me get really up for all the challenges and possibilites for 2020.

So whilst most of you are doing Dry January or something equally as healthy to overcome the post-Christmas and New Year booze/chocolate/meat comas, I thought I’d start the year with a quick recap of the wines that meant a lot to me in 2019…


Bernard Duseigneur’s excellent Chateauneuf Du Pape

Trying Rhone Wines

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So last week I headed down to this Rhone touch exhibition. As I said yesterday it was run by the Rhone wine marketing board in partnership with Central Saint Martins Art School. As much as having a great time and seeing all the cool stuff the students had come up with, it was also about getting the punters to have a try of the range of Rhone wines. How can you get stuck in yourself?

Italy’s Answer To The Perfect Pizza Pairing!

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For quite a while now I’ve heard Aussie’s banging on about sparkling Shiraz. For those of you who’ve never tried it, I do mean Shiraz, the red wine grape that makes all those massive Rhône classics under the French name Syrah. Not sure why I picked out France in particular, it makes huge wines all over the world. In Australia though, they’ve been messing around with bubbles and struck upon liquid gold!

#MWWC 18: Crisis – Det Er Dritt Varmt!!!

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Anyone know any Norwegian? No? Right, well a bit of translation is in order then! I’ve been spending a few days with my in-laws and they’ve taught me a bit more slang. Roughly translated it means “it’s shit warm!” Apparently a lot of people use it as an expression, although I’m not going to test it too far just in case they’re winding me up!

#NWTW Week 45: What We Thought of Syrah from Northern Rhône

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Yeah, we ate a bit late tonight. I did another of those “if I start making it at 7pm then we’ll be fine” things. I ended up serving up 5 hungry people about 9ish, but when you’re serving up wine too they tend not to complain all that much!

#NWTW Week 45: Food pairing with Syrah

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week 45 hot pot

Most of the reason the foreigners reckon that food in the UK is rubbish is because when they come and visit they stay in London. This city’s plethora of overpriced (fast food) crap in the centre is enough to put most people on a self-imposed holiday diet!  But for Syrah week I’ve got the opportunity to go for a local classic from up north, where I’m from.

#NWTW Week 45: Sun, Big Hills and Lots of Wind

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week 44 cote rotie

We’ve already had a week on the Southern Rhône. Seem to remember we did a week on Grenache from there. Grenache needs lots of hot sun to ripen properly, and that’s what you get down by the coast there. So what about Syrah a bit further north and inland?

#NWTW Week 38: What We Thought of Côtes Du Rhône

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So this week I’ve been late and lazy up to this point. That kind of carried on til this morning as a combination of polishing off two bottles of Côtes Du Rhône last night and a messed up phone battery (hence no alarm clock!) left me dozing in til gone 10 o’clock. One of those where I could have happily turned over and snoozed off again!