South Africans Getting Giddy on the Bubbles


UK drinkers can be forgiven for not having tried much Cap Classique before.  The South African traditional method bubbles has a flagship producer in Graham Beck, with stock listing in Waitrose and Majestic Wine, amongst others, but going up against the classic Champagne or Cava, the marketing drives from Franciacorta and Crémant, and the burgeoning English bubbles scene, it’s not all that easy.  But to a certain extent that doesn’t hugely matter, the local market doesn’t leave much left over for anyone!

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Malbec lovers are in for some fun!

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Numbers 9, 12, 18, and 24, i think

For my latest piece in The Buyer, I wrote up a couple of tastings I’d been to recently where Malbec, everyone’s favourite steak wine, played a major role.  From America to Africa to Europe, Malbec around the world is pushing forward great guns.  It’s a great time to be a Malbec lover!!

A Quacking Way To Keep The Pests Down!

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There’s been a few headlines knocking around the last couple of days about a vineyard in Stellenbosch that’s come up with a novel way of keeping the insects down in the vineyard. At the Vergenoegd winery they’ve taken to using an army of…what for it…ducks! Check out this link here to see them in action. But it’s really not as daft as it sounds.

The South African Vineyard Doing Things The New Way!

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Last week I went down to a lunch with a lady called Carolyn Martin, who along with her husband, set up Creation Wines. They’re a wine maker based down in the Western Cape in South Africa. She’s over here for a few weeks to promote the wines, meet and greet the drinkers, and all round sell the story of what they’re up to.

Coming Up This Week On Please Bring Me My Wine

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2nd Nov

Lots of studying again last week, but it’s slowly starting to sink in…I hope! I think when you know you’ve got an exam coming up, this quote sums it up nicely: “Today’s Christmas Eve, tomorrow’s Christmas Day, and I can’t wait for Boxing Day to be honest!” Yep, I’ll go with that right now. Anyway, enough about the exam, here comes the week’s line up on the blog…

Eating Steak and Drinking Great Reds, Top Night Out!

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Recently I was lucky enough to be asked to go to a wine dinner showcasing a couple of winemakers supplying the top on-trade wine supplier Connoisseur Estates. I was fortunate to be sat next to the founder of Connoisseur, the very funny Andrew Steel. Andrew, I said it before, and I’ll say it again, sorry for talking so much at you!!

#NWTW Week 15: The Verdict On Chenin Blanc From SA

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week 15 TTD and GP

Well Happy Easter everyone.  Hope the long weekend’s treating you all well and you got the time to get in a bottle or two of Chenin Blanc.  I managed to get in three of the bottles either side of getting completely soaked during the first cricket match of the season.  You’ve got to love the start of the British summer!

#NWTW Week 15: What’s South African Chenin Blanc Going To Taste Like?

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week 15 Mangos

As I’m writing the title I’m thinking it’s a bit of a stupid post really.  South Africa produces a lot of Chenin Blanc from all over the country.  Some are from premium producers, some not-so premium.  Point is the tastes, textures, and general variety of wines is probably that little bit more than me writing a small blog post is going to be able to handle.