The Pais Bandwagon Rolling On

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I’m just coming off the back of a really enjoyable evening meeting a fella called Felipe Tosso. He’s a Chilean winemaker, responsible for the wines at Ventisquero, wines that are soon to be even further available throughout the UK, so do keep an eye out. We had a focused tasting and talk through three wines he’s particularly proud of, all three were joyous to drink, but one in particular is one I wanted to write a quick blog on. Some wine-o’s will have heard of it, some won’t, it’s from a wine grape called Pais.

Pais: Can’t Keep A Good Vine Down

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Last week I headed down for a lunch thrown by Bancroft Wines for one of their wineries, Bouchon, based down in the Maule Valley in Chile. It was an invite I really wanted to accept because it was down at a restaurant, called Frenchie, that I’d heard was outstanding. Does that sound bad? Surely I should have been more pumped about tasting the wine. Well the reason I can happily admit that the restaurant was the big draw initially was that the wines were so good and interesting that they were all I was thinking about afterwards!

Will the world open their wallets to the best wines of Chile?

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The wines of the New World nailed it during the nineties and noughties on the shelves of the supermarkets in the UK. The French, the Italians, even the Spanish were blasted away by low priced but solid quality wines from the varietals everyone had heard of. Chilean wine was up there in the crow’s nest of this move but, like many others, the move from low margin, high volume wines to showing off the best that country can offer is a tricky one.

Christmas Wine Week – The Reds

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I think at any dinner over the wintertime, the table just feels a bit naked without a bottle of red. Something about the warming nature of it, and that most of the warming winter foods tend to lend themselves better to red wines rather than anything else. When I cook at Christmas I’m more of a beef or game bird kind of chef rather than anything else, so a good bottle of red is usually primed and ready!

#NWTW Week 36: What We Thought of Chilean Sauvignon Blanc

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A nice week back on the New World style whites.  We tried two of the wines off my list, and there was definitely a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc style.  The fruity and fresh wines were great with a bit of the Indian Summer we’re having over here in the UK.

#NWTW Week 36: Chile’s Number One White

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I’m not sure why, but I hadn’t really registered Chilean Sauvignon Blanc much before. I guess whenever I’d thought of Chilean wines I’d always been thinking mostly of the reds. From great value but well made Cabernet Sauvignons and Merlots all the way to a wine we’d done a while back on NWTW, Carmenere. Seems daft now that I hadn’t thought much about the whites.

#NWTW Week 36: Old World or New World?

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I realised yesterday that I’d written something without really explaining what I meant, so here’s my chance to put it right. I’d gone on a bit about Ant being a fan of picking New World wines as opposed to me who seems to be picking Old World wines. For those of you who haven’t the foggiest what that means, let’s have a go at explaining that.

#NWTW Week 32: ON TOUR – So Why Drink Californian Cabernet Sauvignon?

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Sometimes the choice of wines we have over here in the UK can be a bit of a bugger.  Especially when it comes to trying to convince your mates to have a go at a Californian Cabernet Sauvignon. I’ve been having a good old think myself.

#NWTW Week 27: The Verdict On Chilean Merlot

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This weekend I was out in Norway for a family birthday so it gave me a great opportunity to have a go at a wine from the Vinmonopolet. Those of you who don’t know, people in Norway have to buy their wine from government shops. On the upside you get a huge choice from all the way around the world, on the downside the choice is their choice, not yours. When it came to Chilean Merlot for example, there were (I think I’m right in saying) 50 different ones on offer. Not sure what the point of that is in fairness, but at least I managed to get hold of one without much hassle.