Castell D’Age, A Hashtaggers Dream Winery!

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Organic? Biodynamic? Women in wine? Castell D’Age, from Penedes in Catalunya, must be right up there as a hashtagger’s dream winery. I met this brilliant team when they were attending the Millsime Bio Organic Wine Fair in Montpellier late in January 2018. Top wines, top people, and the story to boot. I couldn’t not do a quick blog, could I?


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I’ve just written a new piece for The Buyer, the online wine mag for the on-trade.  It was a bit of a tricky one to approach, as I was desperate to get my point across without sounding stupid.  That’s often pretty hard for me.  Recently I’ve heard directly from women in the wine trade about struggles against sexism in worryingly recent times.  So I just wanted to write an article from a boy’s point of view, who’s naively not realised the issue before.  Here’s my take on why the Women in Wine deserve to be celebrated!

#NWTW Week 39: What Actually Is Prosecco?

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Thing is in the UK, a lot of people use words like Champagne, Cava, and Prosecco almost interchangeably for sparkling wines. Even if you don’t do it yourself you’ll definitely have heard people do it before. Look, it’s not a big criticism of anyone here, it’s just there’s very little explained about different wines in the UK.

#NWTW Week 25: The Verdict on Cava Week

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Well boys and girls, it’s official, I’ve had my first wine snob wobble this weekend out here in Barcelona.  More about that later but first and foremost how did we all get on with Cava?  I’ve seen a few comments already on the blog and a grew on twitter.  Plus points seem to have been the cheapness, the refreshing aftertaste, and the occasional random flavour that you weren’t expecting to like.

#NWTW Week 25: Pub Facts On Why They Started Making Cava

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So usually at this part of the week I talk a little bit about what kind of food you should be having with your drinks this weekend.  But this is Cava, and having spent the sum total of 48 hours now in Barcelona, I can tell you they’d drink it with their breakfast if they could.  I think make sure you go with something salty, like a good helping of serrano or iberico ham, maybe something deep fried like croquetas, or go with Ant’s favourite, fish and chips!