Why Merlot Is Now The Confirmed King Of Bordeaux

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Romania Trip – Wine Varieties & Styles

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I got called out by Phil Cox from Cramele Recas during a tasting we did at his place. I’ve always been of the school of thought that to make a difference as an up and coming wine region it’s important to promote your local varieties. I didn’t tell him that was my view, but he got it out there as something daft that wine bloggers seem to write, without looking at the bigger picture. I sheepishly apologised after he pointed out why I’m talking out my arse.

#MWWC 18: Crisis – Det Er Dritt Varmt!!!

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Anyone know any Norwegian? No? Right, well a bit of translation is in order then! I’ve been spending a few days with my in-laws and they’ve taught me a bit more slang. Roughly translated it means “it’s shit warm!” Apparently a lot of people use it as an expression, although I’m not going to test it too far just in case they’re winding me up!

Wine Australia’s One Day Wine School

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At the minute there’s a lot of push to change the thinking about certain wine regions. For example, somewhere like Bordeaux wants you to know they can do good bulk brands as we’ve seen with Mouton Cadet. On the flip side, somewhere like Australia wants you to know that they do fantastic premium wine, and they’re not just the big brand wonders that we all have in our heads.

#NWTW Week 32: ON TOUR – So Why Drink Californian Cabernet Sauvignon?

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Sometimes the choice of wines we have over here in the UK can be a bit of a bugger.  Especially when it comes to trying to convince your mates to have a go at a Californian Cabernet Sauvignon. I’ve been having a good old think myself.

#NWTW Week 32: ON TOUR – Red Wines in California

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I said in my first post of this week that Cabernet Sauvignon is the legendary red wine of California. Is that strictly true? Hmmm, I’m not actually that sure. It’s definitely the grape that produces the wines from Napa in particular that go for hundreds of bucks in swanky LA restaurants. I know that much.

#NWTW Week 32: ON TOUR – Cabernet Sauvignon from California (Part Two)

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I hope you all had a good time with your Californian Chardonnay’s last week. Ant got proper stuck in and gave his first 10 out of 10 for the year. True the bottle was £60, but if you’re into wine, and you’ve got a spare few quid, then why not, eh? And he’s on holiday, so good luck to you sir!

#NWTW Week 18: What Did I Reckon to Lebanese Red?

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It’s funny, as I’m comfortably inside my fourth decade on the planet those hangovers are getting less and less forgiving.  A great friend was over from Norway this weekend so on Saturday we followed him around Soho and ended up in a pub called De Hems.  4 hours of Belgian beers later and Sunday became a write off.  Was I really in the mood to do some wine tasting?  Not especially, but I got my chin up and I jogged on!