Wine Australia – Show Your Support


It can’t have escaped anyone’s attention at the minute that Australia is in the grip of some of the worst wild fires for many years.  As a wine community of course we look to the vineyards to see the damage caused there, but rightly it’s the immediate impact on the communities that current fundraising efforts are focused around.

With Wine Australia’s Annual Trade Tasting hitting London (Tuesday 21st January) and Edinburgh (Monday 27thJanuary), it’s a good time to remind everyone how they can show their support to the relief efforts.

#NWTW Week 1: The Verdict On Aussie Riesling

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Morning all, just waking up from a top evening that was my last dinner party as a free man! (I’m getting married not going to jail, just to clarify!).

So I drank the Peter Lehmann Estate Riesling from the Eden Valley, bought from Majestic Wine. I had a quick glass before dinner just to check it out. The smell was undoubtedly Riesling but that lime flavour jumped up too, as did an unmistakable almost metallic sniff too.

#NWTW Week 1: Put Them Together and You Get…Aussie Riesling!

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So I’ve pottered on a bit about Riesling, and then a little bit about Australia.  So that just leaves me to pop them together and try and work out what to expect from the first week of #NWTW.

Riesling is a grape that doesn’t like it too hot as we said earlier this week, and so site selection in Australia is really important.  Luckily those clever guys and girls on the other side of the world managed to find a few.

#NWTW Week 1: An Intro Into Australia

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As with the last post on Riesling, I’m going to use this effort of the “New Wine This Week” Club to post a few intros on everything about the wine.  So this week is Aussie Riesling, I’ve done a bit on Riesling, so time to have a quick few lines on the wine-making powerhouse that is Australia.