Malbec lovers are in for some fun!

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Numbers 9, 12, 18, and 24, i think

For my latest piece in The Buyer, I wrote up a couple of tastings I’d been to recently where Malbec, everyone’s favourite steak wine, played a major role.  From America to Africa to Europe, Malbec around the world is pushing forward great guns.  It’s a great time to be a Malbec lover!!

Let’s Take This Malbec Up A Notch!

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It’s not everyday you bump into the best young winemaker in Argentina. It’s not everyday you can say that and it actually be true either. But when my mate, Louise, took me to meet the very cool German Berra of Finca Flichman at the recent London Wine Fair, it was fair enough. He’d been voted the top boy in Argentina the year before, and as much as I’m sometimes a bit dubious about these titles, I’ll let him off, I reckon he deserves this one!

Eating Steak and Drinking Great Reds, Top Night Out!

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Recently I was lucky enough to be asked to go to a wine dinner showcasing a couple of winemakers supplying the top on-trade wine supplier Connoisseur Estates. I was fortunate to be sat next to the founder of Connoisseur, the very funny Andrew Steel. Andrew, I said it before, and I’ll say it again, sorry for talking so much at you!!

#NWTW Week 37: What We Thought of Malbec

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Steak and red wine night and it wasn’t even my birthday!  Fantastic!  Would have been slightly better had Liverpool not put in the third abjectly terrible performance in three games an hour or so before I ate, but hey ho, can’t have it all…

#NWTW Week 37: Argentina’s Grape!?

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week 37 the perons

Let’s be fair, it isn’t Argentina’s grape. Well it is, but I mean it’s not a native. It was brought over in the 19th century by a French fella, but from then on, bar a couple of hiccups in the last century, it’s become the first word in the name association game: Argentinian red wine = Malbec.

#NWTW Week 10: Tannat From Argentina

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The famous Argentinian red?  It’s Malbec isn’t it?!  Of course it is, especially if any one of us lives anywhere near an Argentinian restaurant the wine list will be chock full of them.  Maybe somewhere in there there’s going to be the odd Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, or Shiraz skulking about, but the chances of two of the most planted red grapes in Argentina being in there are slim.

#NWTW Week 10: Tannat from SW France, Argentina, Uruguay – Part Two

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Otherwise to be known as Week 10: Tannat from wherever you can get hold of it!

Tannat is not normally a grape that gets to be up there at the front of the stage, but in areas like Madiran and Cahors in South West France, in Argentina, and in Uruguay it gets its chance.