Stunning Place For A Wine Festival

A lifetime or so ago, when I was living up in Edinburgh and studying for my postgrad, I came across Norway for the first time.  We had two on the course, one of who introduced me to my Norwegian wife, tussen takk for det, Anders!  The other lad, Gisle, was from far up north, in near as damn it the artic circle.  He moved around a bit, from London to New York, working on various financial doings, before heading back home to start a family and, he’s just told me, a wine festival.  He kept that one quiet!!

Lofoten VinFestival is running on the small island of Henningsvær the weekend of the 21stand 22ndof September, promising wine, food, and music from both abroad and close to home.


For many reasons this is big news.

First up, I had no idea Gisle was into the foodie scene, so good on you bud!

Secondly, a food festival in Norway needs to be applauded anytime you see one.  You have no idea how average the food is over there in general (I said “in general” before anyone has a go), which is so daft given how much cash they’ve got floating around.  God bless the oil fund!  So people making an effort to champion the better foods around need a good old pat on the back.

Third up, Norwegians are lucky buggers to have a state monopoly like they have. Ok, there are downsides too, but the buying power of the Vinmonopolet means they get access to an amazing array of wines from all round the world at decent prices.  Ok, not strictly true, Norwegians get annihilated on taxes with alcohol, so it’s eye wateringly expensive to drink there, but they do get amazing trade prices if that’s any consolation.  So meet and greets with producers and wine dinners are a great way to cure the “wine aisle syndrome” of panicking infront of all that choice.

And finally, for those of us used to going to festivals in the rest of the world, how stunning would that place be to go knock back a few glasses of the good stuff as the sun sets over the north sea?  Wow!

Gisle, where’s my invite you bugger?!  😉




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