Is This One Of The Worst Injuries For A Wine-o?


I remember years ago, before the 2002 World Cup, David Beckham breaking a metatarsal bone in his foot.  It made headline news for weeks to see if England’s star player would make the biggest tournament in football.  It’s not exactly ideal if your foot’s out of action as a footballer.  Same thing when mates of mine break their fingers and hands playing rugby.  Not ideal. And it’s struck me in recent days that the same is true when you’re foodie and wine-o and your mouth decides to rebel!

I’ve got an absolute motherf*cker of a toothache.  I never had my wisdom teeth out, the top ones are through fine anyway, but now one of the bottom buggers has decided to make a break for freedom through my gum.  The right hand side of my face is throbbing like beacon.

So, dentist has been called, and an emergency appointment booked for start of next week. It would be earlier, but my regular dentist, Mr Mittal, is a complete legend.  Ain’t no-one coming near these gnashers but that man and his magic hands.

Slight issue being is that the options are limited.  Long story short, they’re likely to have to come out.  A few chats with friends who’ve been through it and an ill advised Google search, has me looking at a mouth that’ll be out of action for all but soups and water (and maybe a bit of whisky) for about a month.

Looks like those steak sandwiches half way round the Marathon Du Medoc are going to be safe from my grubby hands this year.




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