Can You Work In The Wine Trade On A 5:2?

Absolutely no idea what that means? Not a problem. I know it needs a bit of explaining. Long story short for the intro, it’s about how many days off a week you have from booze. Studies suggest that even taking 2 days off a week, consistently, can give your liver a fair crack at recovery. But is that always enough? And how hard is it to go further?


I’m not the biggest fan of these things like “Dry January” and “Sober for October”. I think it sends out the wrong message; that it’s okay to abstain for 31 days and then get back on it like nothing’s happened. It’s far better for your body to get used to the idea of having a few days off a week consistently.

Problem with any alcohol is that it’s not just your liver that’s affected by it. Alcohol, as a drug, is a depressant and sensitive flowers like myself, who suffer from mental health issues, have to be really really careful on the what’s, when’s, and how much’s.

My wife and I have been doing a “no TV” thing (another depressant) Monday to Friday this year so far, and that’s going ok. And now the suggestion is that we have a go at “no booze on a school night”, so Sunday to Thursday.

Of course I’m up for it, in theory it sounds do-able. But working in the wine trade and doing this? Going to dinners and spitting out all the amazing stuff I get access to if it just so happens to be a weekday? Not looking forward to that bit!

Any tips from anyone out there would be massively appreciated.

Cheers all



IMAGE: Borrowed this one from NUVO magazine, just really liked it, comes from an article entitled “the art of spitting wine”, will have to brush up on it I think!



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