A touch of class at Rauzan Ségla – Bordeaux Tasting Trip

I’m out in Bordeaux this week retasting the 2016 before it gets released into the market for us all to buy and open and sip on and enjoy. It’s the last chance critics and journalists get to update their view on how good the year’s wines were before the release. So it’s an important session, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun too…

Last night we headed for a welcome evening at Château Rauzan Ségla, one of the top producers in the famous Margaux wine region. It’s also still used as a family home by the owners, the Wertheimers of Chanel fame (it smelled amazing!), so it’s proper kitted out and looks like the highest end AirbnB you can imagine! 😜

But sometimes at these things you get a bit past yourself. Top wines, lovely food, very hard to say “no” when someone’s topping up your glass. It’s way too easy to get smashed or bloated, which is just not cool infront of your hosts.

The great thing about last night is that despite you never ever thinking they were holding back, I didn’t eat or drink too much. I came away remembering all the top wines (2006, 1996, 1986 vintages) and the lovely food, and still felt buzzing on the coach home. Drink less, drink better, right?

Was a real touch of class last night from Rauzan Ségla and Millesima. Massive thanks to them for that.




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