A Place of My Own…ish – Bricks & Mortar

The first few weeks of the restaurant have gone by in an absolute blur. We’ve been far busier than I think any of us imagined we would be, which is a huge positive. But it’s also meant all the little plans we have for the place have taken a backseat…until now.

The place comes with an A1 and an A3 licence. Now that might not mean much to most of you, but long story short, I can sell wine and spirits for people to take away as well as drink in the restaurant. It means I’ve actually got a physical shop for 20h33 which is pretty massive.

Up until now it’s been an online wine shop. Like the hundreds of thousands out there on the net. You’ve got to be really different or you’re no different. And I’ll not lie, it’s been a struggle. The UK is completely saturated with online wine retailers and I’ve known for a while I needed something more.

Ok having a few shelves at the front of a restaurant might not sound much, but it means I can be there in front of the punters and build that rapport you just don’t get online. It’s a slow step in the right direction.

Although I need to up my game with my displays. The ol’ white price tags with smudged biro aren’t quite going to do it are they?




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