2 Hours, 25 Drams, and a Packet Of Pringles – Whisky Live

I should have known from last year. There’s no way to just “pop in” to Whisky Live. The function room at the impressive HAC in London’s Square Mile rammed full of the great and the good of the world of Whisky. And a glass. And a dangerous-whisky-nut-mate (who i love to bits!) taking us around. What could possibly go wrong?

I was never really into spirits of any kind until I did my WSET Diploma. One of the units is on spirits of the world. For wine-o’s doing the course it’s painfully long and full of info, for spirits nuts it doesn’t go far enough. I don’t know, sometimes the WSET just can’t win, eh? I loved it as it opened my eyes to a world I’d been ignoring after years of drinking cheap paint thinner because I didn’t know any better.

So walking around Whisky Live is a treat. I started, as I tend to finish, with the lads at “That Boutiquey Whisky Company“, a bottling company that buys in rare and fun whisky from round the world. English grain whisky that was like drinking a bowl of All Bran, New Zealand merlot barrel aged whisky that split the room with its heady tannin, and some old school peaty Scotch that I could have drunk til the haggis came home.

Highlights on the trip round there were some cult classics like the “Glendronach 18″, apparently a brilliant dessert whisky (although I might stick with my port!), and the impressive Glenrothes range which never ever let’s you down.

If you’re a whisky fan then do follow those links and see how you take to some weird and wonderful drams. If you’re new to whisky then you could do a lot worse than exploring Glen Moray‘s brilliantly priced range (available at all major retailers 😉).

And the Pringles? That was an awful attempt to sober up before dinner with my wife. She wasn’t fooled!




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