#NWTW 56 – Isn’t It Too Cold To Grow Grapes In England?

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56 - Holmfirth

This is an incredibly apt post to be writing today, as I look out on another grey sky in London. England (and Wales) is famous, or should I say infamous, for dreadful weather! It always rains here doesn’t it? Grapes need sunshine more than anything to ripen properly. How does it work over here?

Christmas Wine Guide

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It’s that time of year isn’t it?

A couple of weeks ago I got asked by a new foodie mate up in the awesome part of the UK that is Yorkshire to put a few thoughts on Christmas wine. Well it’s my first christmas as a blogger, so I was well up for doing it.

He posted it a week or so ago, and i decided to reblog it now to everyone else.

If any of you fancy having a look at the original, Graham’s site can be found at http://grahamlawn.wordpress.com.

There’ll be some more blogs in the next week or so, but might as well use this time to wish everyone a happy christmas and new year. Eat lots, drink lots, and don’t worry about the belly til January!


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I’m pleased to welcome my “Guest Blogger” Mike from Please Bring Me My Wine. He will be taking us through some great wine and drinks ideas for Christmas this year. He also has an excellent website that’s well worth checking out! http://pleasebringmemywine.com
Big THANK YOU Mike for your excellent contribution.

Please Bring Me My Wine’s Guide To Pairing Up Christmas Food and Drink

I’m actually turning into my parents. I’ve started catching myself saying “dear me, hasn’t christmas crept up again this year?” I knew it would happen at some point, but unfortunately I am merely moments away from working out where to put the armchair so I can doze off to Morecambe and Wise re-runs.

There are of course upsides into a slightly more ‘experienced’ view point on christmas. (I’m not saying mature, if you’d met my parents you’d know why!) As much as I used to love the…

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