The Perils Of Finding Restaurants

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One of the best ways to get my wines from 20h33 across to people is to get them in a room, crack open a few bottles, and throw some food them. The wine dinners have been really successful, and a great laugh, pretty much from the first one. So I decided it’d be a good idea to find new restaurants around London to do them at. That, ladies and gentlemen, has been a lot of hassle for not much reward!

What’s The Best Way To Try Wine?

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The whole point behind 20h33, the Bordeaux specialist company I run in the UK, is that we’re trying to show people all of Bordeaux. We’ve got the famous stuff, don’t get me wrong, but we’re hoping people try wines from around the whole region and see what a massive difference you have around the place. So biggest thing really is to get people tasting as much wine as possible and seeing which they like the most. But it’s tough.

Going To A Wine Geeks Dinner

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I met a lass called Clara a few months back who very kindly stuck me on a “wine geeks’ dinner” mailing list. It’s a group of mates who get together every month at different restaurants round London, have a good dinner, and do a BYO on bottles of wine. The first few months I was busy with my own dinners or random other things, but last week I managed to make it down for the first time.


Coming Up This Week On Please Bring Me My Wine

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If anything, I’m not sure why I’m bothering with a “Coming Up On…” post today. If it’s anything like last week then it’ll be out of the window by Wednesday regardless. A mixture of Jury Service, trying to get two start-up companies off the ground, market trading, chasing up logistics companies…well, you get the point. My routine has been seriously messed up!

Coming Up This Week On Please Bring Me My Wine

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this week

My life has just taken a major turn for the better. After two weeks of solidly being glued to my chair in the office and getting all my accounts from the last 18 months up to date I’ve finally caught up with myself! Of course I celebrated by cracking open a bottle of wine and sitting through a really boring 0-0 draw between my team Liverpool and West Ham. Well, at least I had the wine!

20h33 Dinners At La Ferme

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With 20h33 I’ve been going round the UK finding different places to run wine dinners. There are always teething problems, and most of the places I do it at have never run these things before, so there’s a lot of learning getting done on both sides. But once the first night is out the way, and it goes well, everyone is on board and it’s a great laugh. Last week was my first night at La Ferme, a French restaurant in Farringdon in London. And it went great.