Week 61 – Where Did All The Sherry Drinkers Go?

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There’s a line you hear quite a bit in wine marketing circles about Sherry’s big mistake. It let its drinkers die on them without replacing them. In the 1950s through to the 1980s it was one of the most popular drinks in the UK, and the UK has always been one of Sherry’s primary export markets. Now it’s struggling, so what happened?

New Wine This Week 60: The Verdict on IGT Week

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I’d like to start this post by asking for help from people. How on God’s green earth do you cook an artichoke??? I popped it in the stew with the tomatoes, olive, and beef shin. I let it simmer away for a few hours, tried it, and it was like trying to eat wood chippings! Took longer to take all the pieces out of the ragu than it did to eat the thing itself!!

New Wine This Week 60 – What To Expect From IGT Wines

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60 - Ronseal

Using IGT as a topic this week is obviously fairly open ended. Every wine producing region of Italy has an IGT (I think except Piemonte) so to ask what we’re expecting to taste is a bit of a funny one to answer. But you know what they say, ask a stupid question…

New Wine This Week 60 – Why Bother With All These Terms Like IGT?

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60 - IGT

Wine labels, for most people, are a pain in the arse to look at. There’s so much information on them but none of it seems to mean anything to the majority of us. Terms like DOCG, DOC, or IGT, and that’s just in Italy! It’s just a long list of letters and numbers and doesn’t seem to be telling us anything.

New Wine This Week 59 – Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

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As I was saying yesterday, the Hunter Valley is just a couple of hours drive north of Sydney, on the Eastern Coast of Australia. I visited Sydney a few years back when my sister lived over there. I was like a little ginger puddle, my life it was hot! With all that heat you’d reckon that they’d grow and produce big fat red wines like from the hottest bits of the Mediterranean, not subtle dry white wines!