Tokaji Tasting – Not Your Usual Monday Morning!

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You need to kind of imagine the scene. I’m in the downstairs room of a wine bar in the fancy part of central London surrounded by Masters Of Wine and the great the good of the UK wine writing scene. We’re tasting our way through 20 vintages of Disznoko Tokaji, one of the most beautiful sweet wines produced in the world. Oh, and we’re getting fed a lovely lunch in a bit. All I could think was that it wasn’t the worst Monday morning I’d ever had!

Gratuitous Food Porn At The Primrose Hill Market

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Warning in advance here guys and girls, this is a post about the Primrose Hill food market (10-3 on Saturdays) I’ve been attending with 20h33 for the past few weeks. Those who aren’t comfortable with gratuitous descriptions of amazing food then best look away now! …you all still with me? Lovely stuff!

Getting Schooled In Pakistani Food With A Belting Chicken Korma

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Right so all the social media guff is out of the way for the week, we can get back onto the main business of talking about wine, and in this post food! Last weekend I met up with a mate of mine from my uni days up in Edinburgh. It was one of those that through one reason or another we’d not seen each other for ages, during which time we’d both got married, moved houses, and all that, so the catch up was long overdue!

The Novelty Of Fine Dining

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Lobster Pie

In my old job I got pretty lucky with some of the restaurants I went to. You’d either be going out with clients, or you were the client being taken out. Either way, I got to go to some top restaurants round London on a company credit card. But I tried very hard to keep the novelty of it all. This kind of stuff should never become the norm, you always want to keep that sense of “this is special stuff”!

Fritto Misto – Italian For Heart Failure!

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Fritto Misto

Last weekend, when I was over in Italy for my sister’s wedding celebration we headed off to a restaurant with her fella and his parents on the last day before we headed back. This was a place we had to try apparently. Normally when an Italian says that to you, then just go with it! You’re about to get an experience, and this trip was no different.

This Week On Please Bring Me My Wine…

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12th October

Another week that just flew by last week. The pressure’s starting to kick in with the next WSET Unit (my wine exams), so this week ahead is going to be write off for everything else as I try and get that sorted! So, a full week infront of the computer or down the library in store, which is fun 🙂

The Wedding Food Bar Just Got Raised Big Time!!!

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My sister, in marrying an Italian bloke, set us all up for two weddings. The first, a few weeks back at the York and Albany in London, was a lovely day, with beautiful food and drink and rather tame and sketchy brother-of-the-bride speech. Last weekend we flew out to Northern Italy for the Italian do.

Bang Bang, Shot Me Down!

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Every time I used to go see my doctors round Great Portland Street way in London, I used to tube it down to Warren Street and wander down the gloriously horrible and busy Euston Road. The one upside of this was that I got to wander past the Bang Bang Canteen, a Vietnamese restaurant that just smelt amazing everytime. I’d been looking forward to having a go in here for ages.

Blast From The Past – Culinary Backstreets Tour in Barcelona!

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Barcelona Culinary Tour

I was sat here earlier flicking through some old photos and doing a bit of editing of stuff I haven’t got round to. I came across a load from a trip to Barcelona from 2014 with the wife and our mates Miles and Laura. Just going through the photos brought back some great memories, so I thought “sod it!”, here comes another post!

The Perfect Remedy!

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IMG_0986Wine geeks across London know about The Remedy. It’s a wine bar run by wine-o’s for wine-o’s. That’s not meant to put off anyone who just wants to pop along for a glass after work, it’s just that the stuff they have there is just…well…so damn interesting! We love it!