#NWTW Week 38: What We Thought of Côtes Du Rhône

France, New Wine This Week, Reds


So this week I’ve been late and lazy up to this point. That kind of carried on til this morning as a combination of polishing off two bottles of Côtes Du Rhône last night and a messed up phone battery (hence no alarm clock!) left me dozing in til gone 10 o’clock. One of those where I could have happily turned over and snoozed off again!

#NWTW Week 38: What I’m Eating With The Côtes Du Rhônes

For The Foodies, France, New Wine This Week, Reds

week 38 salami

Sorry this one’s a bit late, took me a while to sort this one out this week for some reason. Got the tasting to do tonight, just in time to start up Week 39 next week. So going to keep this one simple.