Back On Jury Service!

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Last January I got called up to do Jury service for a couple of weeks. It wasn’t anything too exciting, a drugs charge and a petty theft, but I was glad to do my civic duty and all that. Slight issue was that it was two weeks of my life I’m not getting back, and 12 months on I’ve landed myself in Jury service all over again!

The Millesima Blog Awards – Trust Me It’s Worth It!!

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Last year I was asked to enter a blog into the Millesima Blog Awards. It kind of came out the blue and I didn’t really know what the team at Millesima were after by asking me. I get a bit panicky when I think things look too easy or too good to be true. But dear me I’m glad I bit the bullet and did it. And fast forward 12 months and it’s open for entries for the 2017 award, and I can’t encourage enough to get some entries in there!

Caught On Camera – The Primeur Week Highlights!

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I’ve got more things to write about my recent trip out to Bordeaux than you can shake a stick at! As one of the winners of the Millesima Blog Awards, I was VIP’ed all the way around Bordeaux for the week with my 5 amazing fellow winners, all looked after brilliantly by the teams at Millesima and Bernard Magrez.