Not Alone – Mental Health Panel Chat at London Wine Fair

Sorry for the radio silence for a few weeks.  Been off the radar trying to get my head straight and a bit of R&R in. Anyway, back on it now, and something I really excited about all lined up.  I’ve been invited to be on the panel for The Benevolent’s mental health discussion at this year’s London Wine Fair.  Which is a massive honour and I’m looking forward to helping out where I can.

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Regular readers of the blog will know I’ve suffered from mental health issues in the past and am a strong advocate of opening up and talking about what I experienced and what did or didn’t work for me in both my recovery and ongoing life. That’s kind of my role on the panel.

Chris Porter will be first up, the head of the The Benevolent, the UK’s drinks industry charity, to talk about their Mental Health hotline and also findings from their recent studies.  So that’ll be interesting viewing on it’s own.  Then a few of us will sit there and chat our way through it I guess.

Should be an interesting hour or so, so if you’re down there on the Wednesday at the London Wine Fair, come and check it out!







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