Apparently I’m Thrifty!


I was making some food last night for me and the missus and, after she ate it, she was saying how nice it was (naturally!) and saying how good it is I’m so thrifty. I wasn’t sure how to take that. I kind of know she meant that I can use whatever’s in the cupboards or the back of the fridge and still bang out a decent meal. But I’ve lived that fine line between being a tight arse and being “thrifty” for a while now. Is it that close to the bone for me?

I actually feel quite lucky to be like this. In my old job, the one with the salary, I never got into bad habits. Well, what I’d consider bad habits anyway. I never saw any need to buy expensive cars, or blow thousands on expensive holidays, or clothes, or whatever. If you’ve got the money to spare then fair enough. I wasn’t exactly a millionaire, but some of the lads and lasses at work were, so fair play to them. But I just never lived in that world.

I think you find your hobby or passion in life and that’s what you spend your money on. Mine is food, and obviously wine. When I did have a half decent salary I never minded spending cash in independent food shops, and used to love going to restaurants. That was my extravagance. But it wasn’t always Michelin starred this or that. I loved going to places like Mama Vic’s in Dalston for pot of fried plantain and chilli sauce, and a nip of rum. It’s just how I am.

I don’t mind spending money on wine, as long as I’ve got an idea about what I’m paying for. It’s all about what its value is to me. You can get an absolute bargain for £25 a bottle, and I think I’ve picked up one or two during the Primeurs campaign this year. In the same way you can get ripped off at £5 a bottle. Bargain bin shoppers should beware the undrinkable!

I think I’m thinking more about this recently as we in the UK are struggling to adjust to the shock of Brexit. “Leavers” clearly didn’t have the first fucking idea about how desperate the economic outlook would be in the UK and what they could do about it. So knowing how to keep your joy of food and wine going when money’s a bit tight isn’t a bad thing right now.

Tight arsed or thrifty? I don’t give a shit what you choose. It’s a trait I’m happy to have!




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