WSET Studies – The Level 3 Results Turned Up

L3 cert

After three months of wondering how badly I’d ballsed up the tasting exam (and cursing my best mate Miles for unknowingly ringing me in the middle of the exam…bless him) the letter came through the post.

I’d passed, but only just. I got a Distinction on the written bit, so that box was ticked. But I got just a Pass in the tasting bit. So overall grade was Pass with Merit.

Why was I so disappointed then? I’ve no idea to be fair. I thought I’d failed the tasting bit, so surely this was a good result?

I think knowing that I’d done fine in the written bit, I guess I was just a bit pissed off with the cock up during the tasting exam. It doesn’t give the mitigating circumstances on the certificate does it? It just says Pass with Merit. Would have been nice to have that Distinction.

Honestly, I’m reading this back to myself and thinking “what a tool!”. Time to get over myself. I passed it, job done! Next up was the Diploma, move on sunshine, just move on!



Photo: The certificate itself, without any mention of mobile phones!

28 thoughts on “WSET Studies – The Level 3 Results Turned Up”

  1. Hey there, congratulations my friend! This was quite cool to see that you finally passed. And is just not as you say just a “pass” it says “pass with merit”. Now let´s see where your next journey takes you in this quite fascinating world of wine. To good places I´m sure of that.

  2. Congratulations! Mr. Winetuned had a similar result when he took it and was disappointed with his tasting score. It’s just not easy to have everything go perfectly on the day, and that’s true of any test. Passing and getting the certificate (and of course that little pin, if they are still giving those) is the important thing.

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