WSET Studies #5 – The Level 2 Exam


To pass any level of the WSET you’ve got to get through an exam. Fair enough. Now I’m studying for the Level 4 I understand that not only does the material get tougher, the way you’re examined does too. But whatever level you’re at, the exam is tricky enough. I started at Level 2, and that was the first exam I’d sat in nearly 10 years, whichever way you look at it, it was brown trousers time!

Level 2 is assessed using a multiple-choice exam of 100 questions. There’s no negative marking, which is useful, and other than reading your Level 2 book, you don’t have any other prep to do. But you see I like to think I’ve got a bit of game when it comes to exams. At the risk of sounding like a complete tool when I say this, I always got good marks as a kid. Unfortunately it means just scraping the 55% you need to pass was not an option. I NEEDED (in my head anyway) to nail it!

So in I stride to the exam. I could have read you that book back to you without having it infront of me. Maybe overkill, but see that’s just me and exams. Some people go to pieces cause they’re worried about failing. I go to pieces because I’m worried about not getting the top mark. I know, I’m a tool, I do apologise!

So here I am with an exam paper infront of me, but this time it wasn’t Monte Carlo simulations or Gallois Theory, it was about “What is Germany’s northern most wine region?” or “What is the oldest labeling term for rums?” I can’t explain why, but the adrenalin was pumping just the same.

This all started out as a bit of fun! Why do I always turn it into a competition against myself?

Probably because I’m a tool!



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