WSET Studies #2 – How It Started

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I’m a master at putting things off. I was always one of those people who had that bit of coursework to do, given over 2 months before, and there I was a week before hand in trying to pluck up the will power to start. I’m not going to give myself too much stick for it, I’ve done ok so far I think, but it’s something I’m always happy for someone to help out of now and again.

Regular readers will know by now that my interest in wine started over in Italy, over 10 years ago, by having sips of Barbera in between DIY jobs on my parents’ retirement project! 9 years later I was still a Piemonte-only drinker.

I knew nothing about wines from elsewhere. I was the kind of wine drinker that was still impressed with the words “Grand Vin De Bordeaux” on a bottle (it’s a meaningless term fyi). So I ummed and arghed about signing up for some kind of wine course to set me going.

I’ve always had one of those minds that can just learn stuff. What do they say? Book smart? I’m book smart! I’d like to think I’ve got a few other skills, but point being is that for me to start learning something new, I always find it easier to do some kind of course or exam or something like that.

And so enters the wife into the story. Sick of listening to me giving it the “you know what I think I should do?” and never actually doing it, she signed me up for the WSET Level 2 at the WSET School just south of the river (the Thames) in Bermondsey. A 3-day intensive here’s-some-basics-you-really-should-know!

The book turned up about 2 days later. A book which, at the time, I thought was massive…




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