WSET Diploma – Half Way Through!

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So me and my class mates from the WSET Diploma Year 1 are just getting our final year one marks back. There are six units in the whole 2 year program, and you do units 1, 2, and 6 in the first year. I nailed 2, I scraped through 6, and it looks like I’ve done pretty well in 1. I will take that all day long! So it’s time to start thinking about year 2…

Year 2 gets serious! Units on Sparkling wine, one on Spirits, and a final (giant) unit on dry wines of the world. I’m trying hard to hold onto those lessons from last year. You’re here to enjoy the learning. Enjoy the ride. Ok, round exam time I’ll be nervous, but for now just keep smiling and enjoying it as best I can.  That mountain of reading material isn’t going to read itself is it?

I guess there are only really two stumbling blocks. First is the price. Look, there are lots of people who have a pop at the WSET system. It’s over priced, it doesn’t cover everything it should, and lots of other pernickety bollocks going on. Yes it’s expensive (nearly £2k per year of the two year diploma), but it costs a lot to put it on. What are you going to do? Well I’m going to try and sell a lot more wine with 20h33 to raise some money!

Next stumbling block couldn’t really have been foreseen. I got called up for Jury Service! So when most of my class mates have booked in to do semester two, I’ll be sat there in a courtroom listening to some boring divorce case or something like that. The next classes don’t start for another 6 months after that. So that’s pissed on my chips a bit!

Hey ho, gives me a bit more time with the books I guess.




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