Winter Is Coming, Time For Some Game Of Rhônes!

game of rhones

I got an email from the guys and girls behind the Rhône Wine PR board a few weeks back. They were doing a quiz night down in the City Of London called “A Game Of Rhônes”. Nice! I’ll be honest, like a lot of people I’m a big fan of the Game of Thrones series, and have even become one of those annoying bastards who’s actually read the books. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone what’s coming up!

Working for myself is a double edged sword. With PBMMW it’s just me, with 20h33 I work with JB and Vincent, who live in Saint Émilion and Paris respectively. They weren’t exactly going to jump on the plane to join me! So billy-no-mates here just rocked up on his tod and got popped onto a random team.

Luckily for me, what a team it was! We had Alex from Focus PR who put on the event, Neal Martin of Wine Advocate fame, and Charlie Whitting of Pub and Bar Magazine. I was definitely the weakest link! A sneaky tasting before hand “sharpened” the mind, and down we headed to the Great Hall for the quiz.

Having turned up ready to answer all my Stark and Baratheon questions I was a bit dismayed when the first section was about the Rhône. Who’d have thought it? Luckily a mixture of Neal and guesses from the rest of us dragged us through to the top 5. Muggins here got sent up for the final round and we managed to finish a respectable joint second!

Great fun, good night had by all, but next year that crown is mine! 🙂





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