Wine Secret Santa


A couple of years back a mate of mine, Tim Milford, got me involved in Vinspire’s Secret Santa. Vinspire are a group of young (not sure I’d count anymore!) bloggers who talk about all things booze related. And they set up this thing where everyone gets sent a random name and address and sends off a bottle of wine of their choice. Then you get one back, but not necessarily from the same person.

First mission is to pick a bottle and send it off. Well in the office I’m surrounded by bottles of wine, so I thought I’d send my secret recipient a bottle of Château La Croix Davids. It’s one of my favourite wines I sell with 20h33, a really punchy red wine from a little known area of Bordeaux called Bourg. They do great things with Malbec there, so I’m hoping the guy I’ve sent it too isn’t a vegetarian!!!

Next thing is to send it off. Standing for 30 minutes in the queue at the Post Office in the week before Christmas was testing my patience, but I’ve got Game Of Thrones on the go on my Audible app at the minute, so I got by. After wrapping the bugger up in an obscene amount of bubble wrap and gaffer tape, it went in the postman’s bag and off it went. All I had to do now was wait for mine to turn up!

And what a wine I got! Ever had a Syrah from Morocco? Me neither! The wine geek in me is bursting with excitement at having a go at this. I haven’t had it yet as I’m waiting for house guests to bugger off and then I’ll get back in the kitchen and see if I can borrow a tagine from somewhere, and then go nuts with it!

Thanks Santa!!!




P.S. I’ve been kindly entered into the UK Blog Awards, if any of my awesome readers fancies voting for me to go into the next round then please click HERE




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