Wine Drinking Essentials: The Preview

The First of the Mini-Blogs

I was lucky enough to be invited by a mate I met through my cricket team to a wine tasting in his office. He works at an asset manager who invest in premium aussie wine and flipping it to the british public after a while. When there I met a colleague of his who had a good background in blogging and social media and all that. I mentioned to him I was doing this blog, but I was struggling a bit with the number of other bloggers that were following me.

Genuinely I get really chuffed when people follow me, it’s a massive boost I think to what you’re doing and I hope I never lose that. I’m lucky enough to have a few great blogs following me, and I get to follow them in return. I genuinely love the interaction. So like every blogger out there, I’m pretty keen to keep it all going. So this fella suggested I might want to up my post numbers. Nothing daft, don’t need to be essays, but maybe just smallish posts on things that don’t need a full post but worth talking about. Ok, I thought, I’ll have a go.

So I’m starting off with a topic with an idea i’m borrowing from a lad i did a cookery course with once. I signed up with a fella from work to do these weekly courses, basically to break up the tedium of the job we were doing that we were both hating at the time. It was a bit more high brow than we were expecting, but we kept going, and learned an absolute shed load.

One thing we all noticed though was that everything there was high tech and pricey. You needed about 12 knives, 3 chopping boards and a sieve to scramble an egg properly. One lad on the course, when it came to questions at the end, came up with a belter. “If you could only have 4 or 5 things in the kitchen, what would you need?”

Same with when you’re starting out with wine. You can go mental over buying this decanter, and that set of glasses, but what do you really need? Next few weeks inbetween the normal blogs, I’ll be throwing a few pointers out there of what I think makes sense. What are the real essential bits of kit you need to get drinking wine?

Feel free to get involved.



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