Wine Drinking Essentials: Number 5 – Stopper

If you’re anything like the missus and I, you’re probably tempted to have a glass of wine most nights, during some afternoons, and occasionally for breakfast!

Drinking a bottle each time isn’t widely recommended, so my final entry in the “5 Wine Drinking Essentials To Get You Started” is a stopper.

Basically you’re just trying to stop the air getting to the wine. In a small amount it’s really helpful, but over time (anything over 6 hours) the air will turn the wine slightly vinegary and it’s not worth keeping anymore.

So waste not want not. Get yourself a stopper. The wine won’t last forever, but probably for another day or so, easily enough time to drain the bottle at your own pace.

stopper out

They come in all shapes and sizes, but as long as it stops the air getting in, it’ll do the job.

stopper in


You could go nuts and get some space aged vacuum seal things, but £5 should get you something that functions pretty well.

Scabber’s Tip:

How do I put this? They tend to be the kind of things that get “misplaced” a lot of the time. I think we got ours from a restaurant that gave us an unfinished bottle to take home. We didn’t realise til we got home that there was a stopper in it. Hey ho.




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