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It can’t have escaped anyone’s attention at the minute that Australia is in the grip of some of the worst wild fires for many years.  As a wine community of course we look to the vineyards to see the damage caused there, but rightly it’s the immediate impact on the communities that current fundraising efforts are focused around.

With Wine Australia’s Annual Trade Tasting hitting London (Tuesday 21st January) and Edinburgh (Monday 27thJanuary), it’s a good time to remind everyone how they can show their support to the relief efforts.

Below is an exert from a press release from Wine Australia.  Thanks for taking the time to read it…

“Australian Grape & Wine Chief Executive Tony Battaglene said there would be a coordinated response to both short-term relief and longer-term planning. 

‘Responses must include relief for those directly impacted, including those growers who might not be able to sell smoke-affected grapes. In the medium term we must look to strengthen regional tourism and bring people back to the regions’ he said. 

‘Our message is that Australia is hurting from the fires, but we are open for business. We need donations to the relief funds, support for our emergency services, and consumers to buy our wine and visit our regions. It is important to note that the fire season is not over and our temporary relief may not last.’ 

Donations can be made to the Australian Red Cross ( relief-and-recovery-donate) or the Adelaide Hills in South Australia ( Donations can be made to Queensland’s Granite Belt Drought Assist via Facebook.”




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