Why You Need To Get The Wines of Vinho Verde In Your Life

For the past year or so, since an eye opening trade tasting last year, I’ve had a soft spot for the wines of Vinho Verde.  It’s Portugal’s largest and most northern wine region, sitting between the Spanish border to the north, and the famous Douro Valley to the south.  For many years now wine drinkers round the world have a set picture of what the wines of Vinho Verde are: spritzy, acidic, light, white wines.  But scratch the surface a bit more and you’ll find some real belters!

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The Vinho Verde guys and girls were back in London last week and yours truly was honoured to be asked to be part of the day; presenting wines to a room full of press and sommeliers over an awesome lunch.  In truth, I was absolutely shitting it, as I had a room full of people all more than experienced enough to tell me I was wrong.

Find out how I got on and all my top tips for the wines of Vinho Verde in my new piece for The Buyer…





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