Why New Year’s Feels Like New Year’s in 2017!


Normally I don’t really give much mind to New Year’s Eve. Just cos a digit at the end of the year is ticking over once, who cares, right? Forced merriness? No thanks! But this year, for some reason, as we’ve now said goodbye to 2016, I think it’s the first time in my life I’ve genuinely felt great to say bye to the year before and bring on 2017! 

All Together Now

Whatever your point of view, whichever way anyone voted in any election or referendum round the world, 2016 was the most divisive I’ve ever experienced in my life. I think we were all genuinely wound up by the polarizing and nasty nature of the way things have been done. I’m looking forward to 2017, looking forward to everyone coming back together and just making the best of it.

Last Year Of School

I’m looking forward to doing my final year of the WSET Diploma. I put it off for 18 months for loads of different reasons, but finally have the time, inclination, and money (!!!) to tackle the final year and hopefully get it dusted. So bring on a year of bubbles, tasting technique, and a short, sharp dart into the world of spirits and liqueurs.

Reach For The Dictionary

I’m looking forward to getting better at writing. I write a bit like a footballer doing his autobiography. It’s all about 5 or 6 word sentences and questionable grammar. But this year I’m going to push myself out of my comfort zone and start writing bigger articles and hope to God that someone somewhere thinks it’s half decent enough to fill a few columns in their magazines.

Meeting and Greeting

I’m looking forward to getting more stuck into wine events. I did a couple at the end of the year and had a really good time doing it. Ok I was nervous as you like all the way through them, and there were some…er…slight improvements to note for next time. But bring it on, looking forward to meeting and working with as many of you wine-o’s out there as possible!

Getting On The Road

I’m also looking forward to everything 20h33 has to offer. A year of doing the entry level “this is what we do” to the local market has been fun but has run its course for me. I got into this gig to have fun, so it’s about getting out and about round the country now and doing just that with the Bordeaux wines on show. Hoping to see you all in person really soon!






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